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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Not Yet Over

Rina PNTM Hong Kong ShootHas summer returned or what? After a week of rain and cloudy skies, the sun is striking once again, and I don’t like it.

Anyway, it’s my dad’s birthday today. After work, I planned to buy him something, but I was feeling sleepy after work so I just went straight home. When I got home, I just greeted him a happy birthday and went to have my dinner. While I was having my dinner, my sister arrived with Andok’s Chicken. I picked the wing part and continued my dinner. After dinner, I went straight to my sister’s room and watched Philippines’ Next Top Model. Finally, someone between Rina and Grendel would be proclaimed as The Philippines’ Next Top Model.

While watching the finale episode of PNTM, my eldest sister arrived with a KFC bucket and Yellow Cab Manhattan pizza. What a coincidence, chicken again!? My least favorite food. She waited for her husband to arrive first before feasting on my dad’s birthday food.

Back to Philippines’ Next Top Model, I was really impressed with Rina’s photo shoot. It showed her flexibility to do commercial and high fashion shoots. It’s just disappointing that the winner would be announced in Manila next week. Based on the judge’s deliberation, it’s a neck-to-neck fight between the two. I actually knew who would win. I accidentally read it on Wikipedia while searching on Philippines’ Next Top Model’s official photo shoots.

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