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Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Makoy High School picMakoy Grade 6 picLast week, a friend of mine sent me my graduation picture way back High School thru MMS. I really look horribly young and naïve. Haha! Anyway, I think I look better now than High School. Hehe.

Anyway, here's my graduation picture during Grade School.


turismoboi said...

totoy na totoy ah! hehehe

Makoy said...

You should see me my Grade six grad pic. Haha, I'm so cute. Feeling ko lang ata. Haha

aryo said...

I disagree.Mas cute ang pic mo nung HS kesa now. He he. Peace!

Drake said...

I think the cutest is your grade school pic. Hehe. You're better showing those teeth of yours, i think. Hehe. (^_^)

isaganix said...

Evolution, by Natural Selection. LOL

Nice pic