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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Latest in PBB Season 2

Wendy ValdezAfter Nhel’s eviction, issues have been circulating in the Internet about the so-called truth of Pinoy Big Brother. There were issues that SMS votes weren’t the basis of the eviction of PBB housemates, that Wendy is Direk Dyogi’s pet and so on. I even saw a blog implying that Wendy and Bruce knew one another before they enter the PBB house.

Apparently, Wendy and Bruce both are on the same modeling agency (Mercator Models). Their love team might be a hoax after all. It’s just obvious that they are just pretending. Even Wendy’s tears seem fake and disgusting. You can’t even see running tears from her. She just sobs, sobs and sobs without tears. What a lousy actress!

Anyway, last night’s episode Bruce was evicted. Once again igniting the masses hate towards Wendy. The management of PBB even has reacted to the email circulating and released the SMS results of the 10th and 11th eviction. Obviously the management of PBB denied the allegations and affirmed that since the start of Pinoy Big Brother, SMS results were the only basis of the eviction process of housemates.

What struck me the most on last night’s episode was Wendy’s good-bye message to Bruce. That she would slap Bruce’s face when he would hit on girls. Tsk tsk tsk!

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