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Monday, June 18, 2007

Laguna Trip

Saturday, we went to Laguna to have a night swimming. I was very excited to visit Laguna again. The last time I was in Laguna was my High School field trip, which was years years ago. We first stopped at Shop Wise Parañaque to buy bottled water and departed at around 2 P.M. We took the Sta. Cruz bus near Metropolis Alabang. The fare only costs 30 pesos and I was surprised that the bus conductor used an electronic ticketing system most likely similar to a palm pilot with receipt generator on it.

It was hell traffic to Laguna. It was traffic near the Alabang Toll Gate and the South Express Way coz there’s an on-going road construction. I was expecting a rural scenery, but I was surprised to see an urbanized place, very similar to Manila. We arrived the entrance of the village at around 4 P.M. We went first to the grocery and bought chips and ice tea mix. It’s just a five minutes walk from the grocery to the rest house. We unpacked our things first, took a bath then went on a nap. By dinnertime, we had Chicken Adobo cooked by my friend’s loving Aunt. I was really starving, so I had mouthfuls of rice and Chicken Adobo.

Around 8 P.M., we went to Laguna Hot Springs. On our way to the Hot Springs, you could see many fast-food restaurants, gas stations, resorts and noticeable locals advertising for private pools. I even saw “ihaw-ihaw” on our way to the hot springs that’s why I craved for “isaw” the whole night.

Laguna Hot Springs is quite okay. The entrance only costs 70 pesos per person. There are cottages that only cost 500 pesos. There is a videoke machine near the pool and a free grilling station. The pool is a natural hot spring with red volcanic rocks on it. I really enjoyed swimming with the lukewarm water on it. It’s just annoying that I got hurt many times because of the volcanic rocks. I’m just glad that I didn’t have any scratches or wounds. We stayed in the resort until 11 P.M. then went back to the rest house.

We tried to look for “isaw”, but all “ihaw” establishments are already closed at that time. We just dropped by Caltex and bought instant pancit canton.

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