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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

PNTM Finale

Rina PNTM WinnerI arrived home yesterday at around 9 P.M. The finale of Philippines’ Next Top Model has already started; my sister was already watching it. Instead of changing my clothes and have my dinner, I firmed my eyes on the television.

The scene that I got to watch was the one-on-one deliberation of the Top two contenders. Rina, my bet, was the first to be called. Her L’oreal foundation commercial was shown first. She did it perfectly and graciously compared to Grendel’s tiring look. Her ramp modeling for Zara was also shown followed by her beauty shot for L’oreal. Grendel nailed the ramp modeling while Rina excelled in the beauty shot. It’s just disappointing that Rina did not win the first Philippines’ Next Top Model.

Will there be a pinoy counterpart of Man Hunt given that Philippines’ Next Top Model now exists?

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