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Monday, June 11, 2007

Glorietta and Piadina

Glorietta KoiYesterday, I went to Makati to finally end this week’s mall visit. We decided to visit Powerbooks at Greenbelt first. After that we went to the chapel, still in Greenbelt. I even saw a fashionista woman wearing a matching outfit and boots, similar to Cruella de Vil’s outfit. The thing is she is slacked in the glass window of a boutique with her children looking awkward with her sitting position and outfit. How I wish I took pictures of her.

Anyway, after dropping by the chapel, we went back to Glorietta and dined at Piadina at Food Choices. I ordered for the pizza special combo. I wished I ordered for the bologna special combo. I wasn’t that satisfied with the margarita pizza and the arriabiata pasta alone.

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