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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Drama at the PBB House

Pinoy Big Brother Season 2After days of not watching Pinoy Big Brother Season 2, I tuned in last night. I was interested to see what Gee-Ann has to say on the Pinoy Big Brother 2 teaser. Apparently she hid some information about her life and was about to confess it to Big Brother.

Anyway, the first segment of the episode was the face-to-face tell all who the housemates think should not win Pinoy Big Brother Season 2. It made most of the housemates drop tears. I don’t know if it’s strategy or it’s a sincere gesture.

After the emotional tell all, Wendy went mad over Bea and Gee-Ann with their “plastic” personality in the house. She went drunk and made dramatic scenes the whole day. How come there’s liquor inside the house? It’s just irritating to see Wendy’s “squatter” personality. She can’t separate friendship with the game. She’s being too self-centered and clingy. I just hope she won’t regret all the things she said. It’s just so mean for Gee-Ann and Bea.

Anyway, I saw Uma Khouny of Pinoy Big Brother Season 1 on last week’s episode. It just made me curious how did he achieve the clean shaved look. I have been shaving my facial hairs for quite some time now and I never had that shave. Is that waxing, threading or laser treatment? Hmmm…

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Czian said...

Ay nako! Nakakabwisit na talaga yung wendy na yan!


All of my friends are so irritated with Wendy. What a biatch.

peeping tom said...

yes, equal naman talaga dapat silang lahat na mga housemates sa loob ng pbb house. si wendy nga lang, she took advantage of gee ann's weakness dahil may trauma na ito sa pang bu bully ng iba sa kanya in the past. i commend gee ann for pushing her limits further and try to fight it out.

beatrice is seen very safe kasi gusto lang niyang maging fair sa lahat as much as possible. kaya siya hindi masyadong nagko comment about the other housemates dati. eh ano pa bang maraming choice meron sila ngayon at kumokonti na sila? kahit sabihin mong close kayo lahat, syempre meron kang chosen few na talagang close mo. but bruce and wendy sees that as betrayal and ka plastikn instead. hah? bea can be confrontational if she sees that it is worth standing for a cause. we have seen it sa conflict nila ni maricris. i assume she doesn't want to confront wendy because she thinks it's not worth it. besides she is not guilty of anything naman i suppose.

walang karapatan si wendy na mag boss around sa bahay ni kuya. she is using other housemates' vulnerabilities for her own benefits. tapos sasabihin n'ya na she's not playing her "game" sa bahay ni kuya?

besides, how can you breathe out your clarifications about an issue effectively and successfully to a narrow-minded (If not totally close-minded) and judgmental person like wendy? pinipili lang ni wendy kung ano ang gusto niyang paniwalaan.

eto namang si bruce, nagpa alipin. lahat ng gustong ipagawa ni wendy, kahit unreasonalble gagawin. bruce now is behaving like wendy. early in the show, bruce showed good potentials. but he is no longer the same person now who i thought is sensible and rational. na corrupt na ni wendy ang sensibilities n'ya. haay pag-ibig. at isa pa, bakit niya hinayaang maglasing si wendy at magkalat kung di rin lang naman niya kayang kontrolin ang mga sitwasyon.

nel is wrong in taking the responsibility to assume as the mediator. sabog ang thought process niya. kung di mo kayang mag deliver ng near exact na remarks ng ibang tao, then you face the risk of mis quoting them and therfore further add damage to an injury.

sino ba ang banggit ng banggit ng one million at kaplastikan? di ba si wendy? it could be that, it is all at the back of her mind all the while. di na niya nirespeto ang prayer room. at siya pa itong unang nag hug kay gee ann sa prayer room bago matulog, the night she got drunk. sino ngayon ang plastik?

pbb2 has given new definition to the words/phrase: plastic, pagpapakatotoo, to be honest. they all have become nonsense like chaka.

maaring tama na di deserving yung mga may pera na for the 1M-peso prize. pero they deserve to be in pbb for a life changing experience.to enhance their persona for good reasons. monetary gain can be secondary for some of them. may kanya kanyang reasons sila ng pagsali. wendy is too shallow to overlook that. her eyes are so focused on the prize. nagkamai lang siya ng approch dahil may talangka ang utak nya.

sinabi nya na bakit di mag speak up sina bea at gee ann? at ka plasikan ang pagiging silent nila? she too has to accept the fact of individual differences. eh kung sa di personality nina bea at gee ann ang ganung maging palengkerang kagaya nya eh.

i admire wendy at bruce sa kine claim nila na pagpapakatotoo nila sa BH. i just personally don’t like to go along with their “reality”.

agree ako sa mga sinabi ni kuya kay bruce about being a contributing factor sa gap among girl housemates. pero bukod doon, marami pang points na dapat idagdag. he is so lame. walang sariling identity and integrity.

Paris said...

I also don't like Wendy's attitude. PBB's winner should be someone who deserves to win, not needs to win. My friends and I decided to boycott PBB because Wendy became a part of the Big Four. Lolz!