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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Blog Interview

Friday, I received an email from bloginterviewer.com. Apparently, they want to interview me with regards to my blog. They gave me a link to their website for me to check out. As soon as I clicked the link, I was redirected to their Submit An Interview! form. I did not read the instructions on top of the form and went on answering the questions. As soon as I finished with my answers, I clicked the submit button. After that, I checked the whereabouts of the site. BlogInterviewer.com is a website devoted to discovering the most interesting bloggers on the Internet and their reasons for sharing their thoughts with the world.

After playing with my answers, I just learned from the instruction on top of the form that I should take my time answering the questions. My answers would be their basis if my blog would be featured or not. I went back to my answers then submitted a new entry. I just hope they would get to read my second entry.

You may submit your own by checking the site http://www.bloginterviewer.com/

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