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Friday, June 1, 2007

Achy Arm

Yesterday morning, I woke up with an achy right arm. Maybe I got this from last, last night’s bad sleep posture. Until now, it still hurts. Grrr.

It was very cold yesterday inside our office. I wore my jacket, which was hanging on my office chair; even it hasn’t been washed since summer. Haha. At least it doesn’t stink and it only itched a bit. During merienda break, we went to the East Tower’s Food Plaza and looked for goto to munch on. I was really craving for it since it started raining and I am shivering cold in the office. When we got there, most of the goto in the Food Plaza was already sold. We end buying batchoy for take out. The regular batchoy costs 40 pesos excluding the styro bowl for six pesos. It’s just disappointing that I didn’t like the taste of it. It tastes like broth cubes with little noodles in it and many liver stripes as extenders. Yuck! The only consolation I got from this meal was that I felt warm inside my chilling body.

Kirkland MultivitaminsAfter work we went to St. Francis Square to buy the imported Multivitamins. I only have one multivitamins caplet left at home. I bought a bottle of Kirkland Multivitamins for only 900 pesos, originally 995 pesos. If I would compute it, a caplet would only cost 1.80 pesos for the 500-piece a bottle.

Anyway, every night I try to read James Frey’s A Million Little Pieces. It is a thick book so I need to exert effort in finishing it at once. So far, I like what I am reading. I can even relate to James Frey’s emotion to this “memoir.” It feels like I’m reading my own words. I hope to finish reading 75% of this book during the weekends.

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