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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Wi-Max Sucks!

Until now, my complaint with Wi-Max regarding the used CTU 350 electronic cards hasn’t been resolved. Yesterday, I called Wi-Max and made a follow-up again. The Customer Service Representative replied that they would verify it again and would just send me a SMS message of the status. God! I’ve been complaining them since Saturday and what they could say is that they would verify it again. Grrr!

Past 6 P.M., I received a SMS message from Wi-Max saying that according to their Verifier, the electronic cards are actually okay. After lunch today, I called Sun Cellular Customer Service to verify the CTU 350 e-cards whereabouts. I would like to know if the e-cards exist, what is the date and time it was loaded, and which number it was loaded to. From that information I can gauge whether my client or Wi-Max is lying from me. Too bad, Wi-Max gave me wrong serial numbers for both e-cards. Sun Cellular Customer Service can only check their system based on the serial numbers and not on card and pin numbers. I also gave the cell numbers of my clients to check if they have loaded the CTU 350 e-cards on Friday and Saturday. Apparently, the first number is already invalid, while the other number only loaded on the 21st of May. So gauging from this scenario, my clients are telling the truth that the e-cards I sent to them were already used. I just told the CSR that I would call back as soon as I got the correct serial numbers.

After work today, I went straight to the Wi-Max office. As usual, follow-up again. I was dismayed to hear that they would verify it again to their IT department. I was just asking for the correct serial numbers, is that hard to do? It wouldn’t take me a minute to make a query in a database given a certain criteria. Stupid Wi-Max IT staffs! Anyway, I asked for their procedure in verifying. Do they just call Sun Cellular and asked if the card has been loaded? Have they thought of verifying what date and time it was loaded? It would be common sense that if the e-cards have been loaded before I received the e-cards from Wi-Max, obviously, my client would receive a message that the card has been already used.

When I got home, I received a SMS message from Wi-Max with my requested serial numbers. I’m just annoyed that they sent the same incorrect serial numbers. I immediately called them and told them that they have sent the wrong serial numbers.

Wi-Max employees are really stupid and some of their customer service representatives are rude! They are so annoying! I plan to look for another e-load provider. Anyone knows a better e-load provider?

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