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Monday, May 21, 2007

Wi-Max Poor Service

Friday, my friend asked for Sun Cellular Call and Text Unlimited 350. Since I only have CTU 150 cards, I used the service of Wi-Max electronic load. I keep on waiting for the confirmation of the electronic card, but I did not receive any. Apparently, there was a short circuit in the Wi-Max office. By lunchtime, I tried keying the keywords again and there were no confirmation. By 3 P.M., I called the customer service of Wi-Max and made a follow-up on my e-load request. The customer service representative sent the electronic card and I was appease that my customer accepted it.

Saturday morning, my friend asked again for CTU 350. I was surprised that I received the electronic card fast compared to Friday. I then forwarded the electronic card to my friend. After five minutes, I received a SMS message from my friend that the CTU 350 electronic cards that I sent have already been used. Since, I’m still in bed and Wi-Max office would open by 10 A.M., I tried to sleep, but I couldn’t.

I got up by 8:30 A.M. and borrowed my sister’s cell phone (Sun to Sun network). I would send a SMS message to the help line of Wi-Max to forward my complaint (re: used CTU 350 electronic cards).

After 10 A.M., I tried calling Wi-Max customer service, but as usual their lines are busy. I got their reply after dinnertime. According to them, they would verify my complaint to Sun. I just hope they would improve their service. Their service is getting worst!

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