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Sunday, May 6, 2007

Watched TV Shows

50 Years of Pop Culture – Before lunchtime, I tuned in to CNN. It’s CNN’s tribute to Larry King’s 50th Anniversary in broadcasting. Even I have not seen any of Larry King Live’s episodes; I still tuned in and learned many things from this most well known broadcaster. He started his career in radio way back May of 1957 in Miami. After 14 years of success, his career ended after his gambling stint, and if I am not mistaken he was jailed. His career comeback was on the late 70’s. He went back to radio in Miami and was eventually offered a job as a talk show host in CNN, and the rest is history.

Pinoy Big Brother – Wendy, the prettiest face in Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 was sent home. Too bad, it’s just a close fight between Saicy and her. I think Wendy has a great future in show business after her stint in Pinoy Big Brother. Her blooming love with Bruce I think is just an infatuation. This might end like JB and Say of Season 1.

Little BritainLittle Britain – I saw two episodes last night for the first time, and I must admit I like this show a lot. Matt Lucas and David Walliams play all the main characters in the show like Eddie Murphy does in his movies. The only down side on this show is that they make fun of fat people, other nationality, homosexuals, the disabled and the poor. But, hey I still like it. They made me laugh hard.

Picture courtesy of www.bbc.co.uk

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