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Friday, May 18, 2007

Vitamins & Shoes

My officemates and I went to Sbarro in MegaMall during lunchtime. I had half ziti and a slice of Supreme pizza. I shared my pizza with my officemate. I like the pizza. The crust is very crispy! I wish I ordered for a whole ziti, I didn’t feel that full.

During merienda break, three of my officemates treated us a burger and French Fries from Brother’s Burger, my first time for this burger joint. Anyway, I still felt a bit full so I just ate my French Fries and drank my Royal soft drinks. I just packed my burger, which I would eat for my midnight snack.

After work, my guy officemate, Simon and I went to St. Francis Square. He’s going to buy DVD’s and afterwards we would check out the sale in Mendrez MegaMall. When we are strolling St. Francis Square, we noticed that the vendors of pirated DVD’s are scrambling to hide their DVD items. Supposedly, there is a raid ongoing on the mall proper.

Anyway, we passed this kiosk where imported vitamins are sold for a cheaper price. I bought 15 pieces of Multivitamins for 52.50 pesos. Kirkland brand, but with the same content of Centrum Multivitamins. Simon bought Vitamin E and Whey Protein. After that we went to look for Heroes DVDs and bought one. We went straight to Mendrez MegaMall afterwards. It took me a while to find a good pair of black shoes. I bought a discounted shoe for only 1750+ pesos originally 2199 pesos. It saved me a lot of money. Thanks to Mendrez and to plastic money!

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