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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Tuesday High

Back to work again after three days of vacation. It is noticeably hot even on early morning. I just hope the weather would change soon. I still prefer a cold weather rather than to be sweaty and sticky all day.

Anyway, when I got back to the office, the processing that I left in my PC last Friday just hanged on the 323rd record, and it displayed an error. I re-run again the February month-end as usual. My target to finish the April month-end did not push through. I hope the processing I left for April month-end would run smoothly. My boss told me before lunch that I would rerun the months of 2006. Sigh!

After work, I went to StarMall. I bought cell cards first then went to Bench Fix Salon. I have been dreading to cut my hair. I have been receiving comments from friends and colleagues that I need a haircut already. When I arrived the salon, my stylist is on rest day, and I would wait for 30 minutes if I would like to be accommodated by the other stylists. I left the salon and thought that I would just have my haircut on SM Sucat’s branch of Bench Fix Salon, but suddenly changed my mind not to, and to have it on Friday instead.

Anyway, it’s the final four in Philippines’ Next Top Model. Among the four contenders left, Elf and Rina are my favorites. It’s a non-elimination round so the bottom two Rina and Grendel are both safe. Elf rocks on her topless bathing suit picture!

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