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Friday, May 25, 2007

Last Bout

I was expecting a call from Wi-Max this morning as promised by their CSR Hazel, still with regards to the used CTU 350 e-pins they have issued me. As usual, I did not receive any calls from them. After lunch, I sent an irate message to their SMS Help number complaining once again.

By 4 P.M., I called their hotline. I received the usual reply from them that they would verify it. I was annoyed to the CSR that I did not bother to talk to her anymore. I have decided to go to their office again after work and to express my disappointment and anger directly to their Manager.

By 5:20 P.M., I left the office. When I arrived at the Customer Service room of Wi-Max, I immediately saw CSR Jaycee, the sarcastic girl on the phone. The first sentence I told her was, “I want to speak with your Manager.” I think she did not hear me right, so she asked it again. The people inside the room suddenly fell into coma silence, maybe because of my English words or they have felt my anger towards Jaycee. Jaycee then told me that the Manager is on a meeting. Yah right! That’s the usual thing subordinates say even their Manager is doing nothing.

Anyway, Jaycee felt sympathetic and apologetic to me, and she promised me that I would get a feedback tonight. I just have to wait for their Verifier to contact their distributor in Sun Cellular. Apparently, she’s saying that the problem is with Sun Cellular. Sun Cellular hasn’t returned their queries yet that’s why it’s taking too long. I waited until 6:30 P.M., but still there’s no feedback. I decided to have dinner first then I would go back to their office. Wi-Max office is just on the back of StarMall, so I had my dinner at Binalot inside the mall. I ordered for the Sisig meal. After dinner, I withdraw money at the ATM machine near Penshoppe coz I only have 18 pesos from my wallet. I also want to buy books from BookSale.

Book Sale booksAfter withdrawing, I went to BookSale, just 20 steps away from the ATM machine. I successfully bought 4 books (A Million Little Pieces, James Frey; Map Of The World, Jane Hamilton; Mother Of Pearl, Melinda Haynes; and Song Of Solomon, Toni Morrison) for only 220 pesos. Great bargain right!

I went back to Wi-Max. To my surprise I saw Jaycee and a fellow colleague of hers plucking eyebrows. Eeew! Strange and yucky! You don’t do those stuffs during office hours. They stopped what they are doing and Jaycee went to the other room to check the status of my complaint. When she returned, she told me that I would know the details tomorrow 1 P.M. And I can directly contact their Manager Jun since I already talked to him and I have his direct number.

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