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Sunday, May 27, 2007

400th Post: Ignored

Last Wednesday, after I backed out to our company outing, my guy officemate turned sour on me. I think I hurt him for not joining. The usual walk home we usually do did not happen. He went to St. Francis while I stayed for ten more minutes and finished something.

Thursday morning, I made the first move to talk to him, and I was surprised to be ignored by him. My first instinct was to ignore him also. Who the hell he thinks he is? Anyway, Thursday and Friday passed without us talking, ignoring one another.

Friday night, I received a message from him saying sorry to me. That he was just upset that I did not join the outing. I did not reply to his message until now. Wicked me thought of making his weekend miserable. Anyway, if he’s gonna approach me tomorrow I would consider his apology.

1 comment:

FT said...

yay, human nature, that is, to ignore other people when they don't fit to our expectations.

but still I do wonder because such cases mostly happen to adults, not with kids. i wish adults would have child-like attitudes..easily forgiving...