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Friday, May 11, 2007


After days of not writing, I’m here again to speak my mind. This week I have been busy with work. Luckily, I’m on my final stage of my annuity reports. I thought I already tackled all possible errors, but I found one again this morning.

After lunchtime, I have figured out what is the cause of it and managed to debug the program. Again, I processed January month-end. By 5 P.M., I’m done with January and the necessary reports. I processed the February month-end afterwards. Before 6 P.M., I went home and left my computer on—to continue the processing. Our network department is shutting down all servers due to the long weekend and there is an election on Monday. But before shutting down the servers, I have endorsed to my colleague to let my processing finish first. So by Tuesday, I can generate the February reports and continue the processing of March and April month-ends.

I do hope there would be no additional errors. I cannot take the pressure anymore of my boss and other superior asking me if the reports are done already.

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