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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Friend Request

Yesterday, I was surprised to receive a Friendster Friend Request from a friend in Legacy. This friend of mine is actually close to a former friend that I had fallout because of money. Sad huh! To cut the story short, this former friend of mine owes me 48,000 of bounced checks last year.

Our last conversation thru SMS, she said she won’t pay me anymore and she was angry coz I’m planning to file a case against her. Anyway, I didn’t file a case against her. I just closed that chapter in my life and wished for karma to bite her and her family.

Back to Friendster, instead of adding her to my Friendster, I sent her a message saying, “Hi! When I saw your profile I immediately saw my former friend’s picture. It made my day!” She replied to my message and asked if we we’re not friends anymore. I replied No and told her my story. She then asked for my YM ID, leaving her own contact details. I messaged her and we began talking. She was surprised of our fallout and she promised to help me out given that I would open my doors to my former friend. Honestly, there’s nothing to lose to this arrangement.

After lunch break, she messaged me and told me that she has talked to my former friend. By the way, they are working on a same company. According to her, my former friend almost cried to know that I was very angry with her. All along she thought that her ex-husband already paid me. And apparently the one I am sending SMS message is her ex-husband.

My friend asked for my contact details and she said that my former friend would message me in Friendster. Before 5 P.M., I received her message saying her apology and asking for forgiveness. She then promised to pay me by June in installment. I actually don’t know what to believe anymore. I just want to get my money back; it’s hard-earned money. I am not closing my doors to her. I’m just really hurt that someone like her that I treated as a friend would swindle money from me.

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