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Monday, May 14, 2007

Election Day

I woke up today almost nine in the morning. By 8 A.M., I heard knocks from my door, from my mom. Apparently, she was waking me up for me to join them in voting. When I woke up, my parents already left. My youngest sister and I were only left in the house. My other sister went to work by 6 A.M. and wouldn’t be able to vote. I had breakfast first and took a bath. My youngest sister does not want to vote, so it’s just me to the voting precinct. While I was having my breakfast, my parents returned home.

By 10 A.M., I left the house and went to Davidville Academy. When I arrived to the school, I looked for 0330-A precinct. I fall in line and waited for my turn. When it’s time for me to get my ballot, the personnel there cannot find my name on the list. They referred me to go to 0331 precinct to check if my name is there. When I verified my name on 0331 precinct, my name is also not included in the list. I went to 0329 precinct and found my name and my parent’s name. I fall in line again and waited for the process.

It’s just irritating that voters aren’t even prepared. They are taking too much time in writing. They should have prepared a list like what I did to expedite the process. Some are even uncertain of whom to vote. Tsk tsk… Irresponsible voters!

It only took me a minute or two to finish my ballot. I’m just a bit annoyed that the indelible ink is very visible. When I arrived home, I immediately washed my finger with soap and water, but it’s content is still visible. When I applied alcohol on it, it faded a bit. By 4 P.M., I continued watching TV again. I was monitoring the Senatorial race. I am glad that my top bet Joker Arroyo is in the Top 6, and the over confident Loren Legarda has lagged to Top 3. Bwahahaha!

I just wonder why ABS-CBN shows higher partial and unofficial counts than its counterpart GMA.

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