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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Day Hop

Charla and Mirna The Amazing Race All StarsFirst day of May, Labor Day. I’m glad there would be no work later. I can wake up late again and would escape the pressure of work. I’m so stressed out that the Annuity report I’m working is still in square one. I still have to check my generated reports if it is balance, so next time errors won’t occur again. I’m just frustrated of myself that it’s taking too long for me to finish it. If I have just a day to finish it without other tasks to do, for sure I would have been doing other things by now? On Wednesday, I hope I could finalize it and report to my boss the confident figures.

Anyway, I thought I couldn’t make it home on time. It’s the race to the final three on The Amazing Race: All Stars. I got home ten minutes to nine, so I hurried. I even prepared my dinner on a bowl. I ate while I’m watching TV. The teams are in Guam mostly doing Navy stuffs. I am really ecstatic that Charla and Mirna are on Top 3. One more episode and it will conclude the winning team. I just hope Charla and Mirna would win. Mirna should carry Charla on a foot race to the finish line.

Picture courtesy of www.cbs.com