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Saturday, May 5, 2007

Annuity and Sale

Yesterday at work, I am finally on the last stage of my annuity report. I still have to do minor adjustments and that’s it. I just hope it would be finalized. After work, we met Rosell, our former officemate, in MegaMall. We’re about to give our gift to her, which was due a month ago. We’re so glad she liked it. We framed a photo of her patterned of a magazine. We added pictures of us in the office and added funny captions on it.

Cherifer PremiumAfter a quick talk at the Ground Floor stairs near Jollibee MegaMall Building B, we went to French Baker to have dinner. Simon and I we’re about to treat her lasagna, her favorite. After dinner, we went to Watson’s Drug Store. Rosell went to buy medicines and she also inquired Simon’s Cherifer medicine. I told Simon that there is an adult version of Cherifer. Apparently, it’s Cherifer Premium costing 19 pesos a capsule.

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