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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

American Idol Top 2

From tonight’s performance, I think Jordin Sparks should win even though I am annoyed with her arrogance. Her last song performance is really great compared to her rival boring Blake Lewis. I think “I Believe” of Fantasia is still the best finale song of American Idol.

Anyway, it would be exciting to have Melinda and Jordin in the Final 2. It would be a giveaway that Melinda would perform better than Jordin. Jordin however has the youth votes compared to Melinda’s oldie votes.

Back to the real Top 2, it would be a hard bet who will win this season. According to write-ups, Melinda’s votes would definitely go to Jordin, and Blake’s solid girl fan base would help him win the title. This is a singing competition, America should vote for Jordin Sparks.


Kev said...

Yeah, I totally agree. Melinda VS Jordin would have been a more interesting battle. Like my friend said, ayon tuloy, the finale was kinda boring and predictable. Well, he did have a point, but I enjoyed watching this year's finale. In fact, what a season this recent one has been. Congrats to Jordin. She nailed that last song, which I'm hoping does well in the charts and sales.

Oh, just dropped by. Nice blog :)

Makoy said...

I think it will do good in sales. He's far better than flop Taylor Hicks. hehe :)