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Friday, May 11, 2007

Am I Prepared?

Three more days to go and its election once again. Am I prepared for the coming elections? No! Am I well informed with the candidates? Hmmm… Almost informed, I guess. Am I well informed with the know-how’s of voting? Honestly, it would be my second time to vote. The first was the 2004 Presidential elections, and I voted for Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo instead of Raul Roco, for the scary scenario of FPJ winning. I think I know the basics.

Anyway, as an act of being a responsible voter, I already prepared my Senatorial and Party list lists. But before doing that I went to election websites first and checked the candidate’s profile. I end with ten senatorial candidates and five party list. I am just unaware of how many party list to vote.

For the local positions, I would favor the incumbent candidates except Anjo Yllana. Have you seen his campaign poster? It even has a slogan that says, “ITAK TAK MO!” Huh! What is the relevance of that to his political platform? He only wants to drag the popularity of that cheap song to his campaigning. I even asked myself, has he been reporting to the Paranaque City Hall even he is doing Eat Bulaga everyday? I would favor for Gus Tambunting even he’s fugly. And please Gus, see a dentist. Your teeth are disgusting to your posters. And you need to change your smile. It’s scary!

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Anonymous said...

Ok i will tell my dad that . Haha ha