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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Viral Infection

I finally had a check-up with our company doctor. I was his first client of the day. Anyway, I consulted my sore tonsils again to him. I thought of buying antibiotics today without consulting to him. I’m glad I did not buy antibiotics coz according to our doctor, my case is only viral, and it doesn’t need antibiotics. Instead, he prescribed me with a gargle solution (Difflam).

I called Mercury Drug and asked for the price of Difflam. It’s 276 pesos for a 100ml bottle. And according to my doctor, if the inflammation of my tonsils won’t get well, that’s the time I need to take antibiotics.

Before leaving the office, I texted our company doctor and asked for an alternative brand incase is it unavailable. He replied the brand, “Orofar.” When I got to Mercury Drug at Shangri-La Mall, I asked for the price of Orofar. Luckily it’s much cheaper than Difflam, only 156 pesos for a 120ml bottle.

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