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Sunday, April 1, 2007

Sweaty Pichay

Last Friday on our way to Congo Grille, we saw Prospero Pichay, a Senatorial candidate on the ground floor of West Tektite Tower. I immediately exclaimed, “Oi si Pichay Oh!” Pichay was all sweaty while talking on his cellphone. I want to shake his hand even if I’m not voting for him—but I decided not to. Aside from his sweaty getup, he’s unappealing and grouchy!


gripenmanila said...

sheesh that octaginarian scum-pig!! TAMA don't vote for that smelly old git!! That guy owns five airplanes and no pilot had ever been staying with him for more than a month,ang sama nang ugali! pu**ng ina niya!! I once became a flight dispatcher for one of his flights,at dahil alam niyang student pilot lang ako ...abutan lang daw ba ako ng PhP200? nasa airport ako ng 6am tapos umuwi kami ng 8pm at kung ano-ano pa inuutos,tapos 200 lang? ungas talaga!!! grrrrrr!!!!!

Makoy said...

Is that for real gripenmanila? It is obvious that your pissed off with Pichay. Don't worry, his political advertisement doesn't work for me. Ano ba ranking nya sa latest SWS survey?