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Monday, April 9, 2007

Primetime TV Galore

Today was an extravagant TV watching for me. I got to watch the latest episode of The Amazing Race: All Stars over Studio 23, which is 30 minutes earlier from AXN. It was sad that my other bet, Uchenna and Joyce was the last team to arrive and was eliminated. I’m still hoping that Charla and Mirna would win this race.

The sad part on watching Amazing Race on Studio 23 is that the quality is compromised. Studio 23 even displays a black screen with lapses. What’s wrong with Studio 23’s satellite receiver?

Anyway, right after Amazing Race is the premiere episode of Desperate Housewives latest season. After a long time of waiting, finally, I could watch it every week. After Desperate Housewives, I tuned in to Pinoy Big Brother Season 2. Dionne finally confessed to Mickey that she has feelings for him. If Mickey could understand Dionne’s dialect. What a flirt girl! She disgusts me a lot. Is she thinking her actions in the house? What would her “kababayan” in the Visayas would react to her? I just hope she would be evicted this week.

Picture courtesy of www.cbs.com

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