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Monday, April 23, 2007

Karmic Action

Eric and Danielle Yield The Amazing Race All StarsIt’s a non-elimination race again in The Amazing Race: All Stars. From Hong Kong, the remaining four teams went to Macao, China. The first roadblock is a bungee jumping on the Macao Tower. The beauty queens had an agreement with Danny and Oswald to yield anyone except them for exchange of extra money. On the last race, Danny and Oswald went zero money. Danny and Oswald yielded Eric and Danielle, making Eric and Danielle pissed off for being yielded twice, and of all people it would be Danny and Oswald.

After the roadblock is a detour. The teams get to choose from making noodles or to fetch a dragonhead and a drum to a boat ducked on the lake. All the teams did the noodles except Danny and Oswald, lagging them to the last place.

The beauty queens once again landed first followed by Charla and Mirna. Eric and Danielle placed third due to the 30 minutes penalty. Danny and Oswald were the last team to arrive, accepting the karma caused by yielding Eric and Danielle.

I hope Charla and Mirna would be included in the final three and eventually would win the million.

Picture courtesy of www.cbs.com

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