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Friday, April 27, 2007

Forever After Taste

Finally this morning, I withdraw money from a BPI ATM machine at our building. I finally redeemed my buying power after yesterday’s struggle with my 50 pesos on my wallet. As soon as I got the money, I bought a seafood cup noodles and two packs of SkyFlakes from my officemate. I was really surprised with the taste of Nissin’s seafood noodles. It’s awful! There’s even ginger on it. Yuck!

For lunch, we ordered food from Rufo’s Famous Tapa. From the brochure that I got from their branch at San Miguel Avenue, their Famous Tapa looks mouthwatering so I ordered that. By 11 A.M., our ordered arrived. Very fast service even we have noted to deliver it by 12. I was just displeased that the Tapa that I ordered and the picture in the brochure don’t look alike at all. Where can you find Tapa with sauce all over it? Not only that it is sweet, it is also not that tasty.

Late afternoon, I have this awkward taste on my mouth that I can never thought of what it is. It just came to me when I got home that it’s the seafood noodle that I had this morning. Even I had brushed many times and gargled Orofar a million times, it won’t disappear. I am near nausea with this taste.

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