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Saturday, April 14, 2007

DVD Marathon

Yesterday after work, I met with a friend of mine to get his payment of his cell cards due. We also went on a shirt shopping, my graduation gift to his younger brother, my “kinakapatid” in Bulacan. We met at Bench in MegaMall. He handed out first the money and the DVD’s I am borrowing from him, Supernatural Season 1 to 2 and House Season 1 to 3.

The specific request of his brother is a collared sky blue shirt. I didn’t find any at Bench, so we went to Hang Ten, Penshoppe, Giordano, Blue Soda and Oxygen. All of these stores have no collared sky blue shirt except Giordano, which is too costly for me. So I decided to try our luck in Shangri-La branch of Bench. Luckily, I saw the specific shirt, but I find a much better shirt, but is colored pink. We tried to contact him to ask if pink is fine with him, but his cell is off. Anyway, I bought the pink one.

I’m glad he liked the shirt; I got his text message this morning. At Bench Shangri-La, the cashier offered me a loyalty card for 100 pesos. This loyalty card works as a point system like SM Advantage Card. For every one peso spent is equivalent to one point. For card payment, one peso is equivalent to .5 point. And for every 10,000 points is equivalent to 200 pesos Electronic Cash. This loyalty card can be used in all Bench outlets and Bench’s sister companies like Human, Kashieca, Dimensione and even Bench Fix Salon. It’s also transferable. Cool huh! I hope to get extra points for advertising.

Anyway, when I got home yesterday, I watched the first three episodes of Supernatural Season 1. And just today, I continued to watch two more episodes of Supernatural, and I started watching the first two episodes of House Season 1.


juOn said...

Hi makoy! taga saan ka ba? Napansin k background mo sa pic Starmall. Tapos sa blog entry mo Megamall and Shangri-la. Mandaluyong ka rin ba?

the philosphical bastard said...

oooh malls. miss ko na yun, dito kasi walang kwenta mga malls eh.

Makoy said...

I'm from Paranaque. I work in Ortigas kaya sa StarMall, MegaMall at Shang ang nasa mga posts ko.

Makoy said...

galing naman pic mo philosphical bastard, gif. kala ko minumulto na ako. har har

juOn said...

Ah parana-que. :-)

Makoy said...

Yup the city of Parañaque!