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Sunday, April 1, 2007

Double Cuts

I woke up today nine in the morning. I started my day with my exercise routine then followed by a nice bath. I even had a cut on my right chin after shaving. Bad razor! Ouch! My sister even noticed my cut and asked me what it is. I ate my breakfast and went online. I would check my blog if there are new posts in my message board and if there are new comments. Aside from that I would browse jobs on Jobstreet.

Anyway, minutes ago when I felt that my stomach is fighting for the toilet seat, I decided to shut down the computer and to continue my reading of The Five People You Meet In Heaven afterwards. I shut down the computer and turned off the electric fan just beside me. I wrongly turned the speed knob to its opposite direction making its speed to level 2. That electric fan even on level 1 is extremely high, so I was surprised when it made a loud sound and I felt pain on my moustache area. I checked myself on the mirror and saw that I have a cut across my moustache area. My sister went inside the computer room because of the loud sound and told me that I’m bleeding.

The electric fan’s propeller scattered on the floor. I’m glad it’s just a minor cut and it did not hit my eye.

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