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Monday, April 23, 2007

Converse Sale

Anta ShoesYesterday, I went to Robinson’s Pioneer with a friend to check out the Converse Sale in Olympic Outlet. But, before that we ate first at Mongolian Stop. I had Schezuan Squid rice topping. The soup was really great. I wish I had more than one bowl of it. Anyway, I was really disappointed with the meal that I had. Not only that the squid cuts are only 11 pieces, but the rice is already soaked with its spicy sweet sauce. I am not a fan of sweet stuff so it’s a disgust to finish the remaining.

Back to the sale, we went to Olympic Outlet on the second level of the mall after our lunch. I was surprised that majority of shoe brands are on sale. I was really drooling for the white converse shoes, but it is not included in their stock. I hoped I could buy it there for a cheap price. Anyway, I looked on other brands and tried the Fila shoes. It fits perfectly, but there’s something about it that I didn’t like so I went to check the other shoes. I encountered this unknown brand (Anta) and I find it very nice. I bought it for only 995 pesos, not included in the sale though.


the philosphical bastard said...

oooh. sarap mag shop ng shoes dyan sa pinas. im eying on puma nowadays.. ahehe

Makoy said...

Mahal ba dyan ang shoes?

the philosphical bastard said...

yung gusto ko mga $70. mga ganun yung price ng mga rubber shoes. yung mga chuck taylor din mga ganun ang price.

Makoy said...

Ah. Close lang pala ang price dito sa Manila.