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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Best Sanjaya Yet

American Idol Top 8 performance night tonight-featuring Latin music with the help of music mentor Latina herself, Jennifer Lopez. Melinda started the show, but I did not catch her performance. I was having my dinner when she performed.

Anyway, as the title goes, so far it’s Sanjaya Malakar’s best performance yet. I’m afraid he would stay another week in the competition. What could his competitors do to make him go home? I think they should perform better and the American people should vote only the deserving contestants.

Favorite performance of the night? Hmmm. Definitely, Chris Richardson’s interpretation of Santana’s Smooth.


Ken said...

It was the best Sanjaya yet on his own league. He should go home. Only talents in the show are Melinda, Lakisha, Jordin, Blake, Chris Richardson and Stephanie Edwards. Too bad Steph had to go home early, she has a lot to show in my opinion. Her showmanship is exquisite. :D

Makoy said...

My faves are Melinda and Jordin!