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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Beautiful Liar Video

Minutes ago, I saw the music video of Beautiful Liar by Beyonce and Shakira from the repackaged Bday album. Is this video crazy or not? I can’t tell which is which, which is Beyonce and which is Shakira. I must admit Shakira is a babe in this video with her straight hair. She looks cleaner from her usual dirty image.

The ending is the best. Shakira is facing the camera while Beyonce is facing the opposite, but still her face is in the frame, doing the dance moves of Shakira. I just hope they did not hurt their waists and bellies.

Anyway, is the repackaging of Beyonce’s Bday album the last ditch effort of her music label to pump up her album sales? The last that I checked, Bday has been 2x platinum. Her hit Irreplaceable helped her album sales go up. I just hope there would be additional new songs in this repackaged album, and the Irreplaceable Spanish Version be included.


xta said...

for me Beautiful Liar was like a raunchier version of brandy and monica's the boy is mine. :) hehe. pero it was a good vid kasi they were both soo hot. :) pero it's not doing good as a single.

i was reading your earlier posts. Five People is one of my favorite books. kakaiyak. and i thought it was nice that there was a pinay character! (tala). i think mitch albom's wife is pinay, although i've forgotten where i've heard that.

Makoy said...

hi xta! thanks for dropping a comment. I agree Beautiful Liar is a nice video. I hope this video would help the single sales of Beyonce.

Anyway, I haven't heard of Mitch Albom's wife as a pinay. I was really surprised reading that Philippines is mentioned in the book.