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Monday, April 2, 2007

Ain’t Noticed It

When I woke up today, I noticed that the wound caused by my electric fan accident yesterday is quite unnoticeable. I hoped that no one would make fun of me in the office if they would notice it. I’m just glad no one noticed it.

It is The Amazing Race: All Stars night once again. It made me laugh so hard during Charla and Mirna doing the intersection with the Beauty Queens. Can you imagine a 24-inch sausage being eaten by Charla with her small frame? I was laughing hard when Charla tried to throw up using a fork. Haha! Charla should have done the throwing up in front of her competing teams. Haha! And who would forget the Detour, Charla wearing a medieval soldier suit. Amazing Race staff must have anticipated Charla’s size because her suit fitted well. I like you a lot Charla, you’re a reality TV queen!

Pictures courtesy of http://www.cbs.com



I love Charla and Mirna. They never fail to crack me up!

Makoy said...

i love them too. Funny cousins!