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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Yesterday, two of my friends in the office celebrated their last day in the office. By 4 P.M., Rosell started inviting our officemates to go to our department and to have her last treat. My best friend in the office, Roma on the other hand has some food to share with us. By that time, I still feel full from our lunch in Congo Grille. I just grabbed an ice cream cone from my best friend, and scooped Rosell’s Double Dutch ice cream.

By 5 P.M., my friend whom I suppose to meet in MegaMall texted me and told me that he has been waiting since 4 P.M. He was about to pay his due to me and at the same time he would sign the application form for my sister’s BDO credit card. By 5:15 P.M., we took pictures for remembrance. My best friend even cried when I approached her with a goofy cry. I’m glad I managed not to cry. The clock is ticking and my friend to meet is not responding to my text messages anymore.

After all the pictures taken, we left the office by 6 P.M. I arrived in MegaMall after a few minutes. I continued texting my friend while strolling and looking for a good pair of shoes, only to find out that my friend to meet already left. To console myself, I decided to continue my scouting with a good pair of shoes. I first stopped to Marithe Francois Girbaud and checked their shoes. I left the store and went to Centropelle and Bench. Too bad, I didn’t find what I’m looking for. I went back to Girbaud and tried two pair of shoes. I end buying the black and red combination shoes. I still have to buy a white canvas shoes that I can use for rainy occasions. The cashier of Girbaud packed my new shoes and he even placed three pieces of Nestea Ice Tea, the same product given for free on MRT Taft Station.

The paper bag weighs extremely heavy because of the bottled iced tea. After my shoe shopping, I decided to go home. I’m glad officemates of mine saw me and I gave them all three bottles of iced tea.


Biby Cletus said...

well its an excellent post you have here on , i really enjoyed reading it, will be back soon and i especially liked the photo you'd posted,Do keep up the good work
regards Biby - Blog

Makoy said...

thanks biby for the nice words! I appreciate it. Do include my link to your blog site. Thanks!