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Thursday, March 8, 2007

Tired and Disappointed

It was a toxic day for me. I felt so pressured coz I have a lot of reports to do and at the same time I have to modify the payroll system with the latest management memo. My friend from the HR department just filed her resignation today, and yesterday my best friend in the office passed her intent to be transferred in our Iloilo branch. She wants to be near her parents coz her folks are getting older. I just felt sad that people that are close to my heart are leaving. Sigh!

By 5 P.M., I started coordinating with HR with the initial update that I did in the payroll system. Then I went back to my computer and continued the enhancement of the payroll system. By 6 P.M., I was dreading to go home. But, I have to fix it so by tomorrow, I would only have to do minor adjustments. Then suddenly my boss started talking about the increase and the profit sharing issue. I was okay with the profit sharing being delayed, but I was really disappointed to hear from her that there would be no increase this cut off.

The day our Senior Systems Analyst filed her resignation, my boss talked to me and told me that she has recommended my promotion since last year. She also told me that I would be given a raise for that promotion. It was just disappointing that she did not fight for the implementation of my promotion. She gave the reason that it would be unfair to the rest of employees that we would be given a raise when the others would wait for next time. But, our increase and promotion are over due last year. Mine is a different case and should be taken care of. Since I was so disappointed with what she said, I immediately prepared my stuff and left the office. I just don’t know if my boss felt my disappointment.

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