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Friday, March 9, 2007

Sanjaya On Top 12?

Still on News On Q, I raised my eyebrow after hearing the side comments of Ivan Mayrina regarding the longest espasol in Laguna. He is rambling to say the right words and his delivery was terrible—not for English newscast. Rhea Santos on the other hand did her part in reading wrong words. Accept it guys, you are trained for Tagalog newscast.

Back to American Idol, I was very disappointed to see Sanjaya on the Top 12. What is America thinking? Like what the judges said, it is a singing competition. I dread to see his performance next week. I hope not to see him doing the hoola again. It is so disgusting! Sanjaya should be tagged team with Nel of Pinoy Big Brother Season 2. Bongga!

Anyway, after a long time of not using the dental floss, it finally came to my senses to use it. But, I still feel the same; a visit to my dentist would be a much better mouth experience. I cannot wait next Saturday to have my teeth cleaned. I was supposed to visit my dentist tomorrow, but I remembered our payroll is due next week.

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