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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Pursuit of Happyness

Last Sunday, I accompanied my friend in attending a baptismal ceremony in Imus, Cavite. They fetched me in Coastal Mall in Paraîaque City in unusual 1-hour delay. We stopped first at Robinson’s Imus to buy a tape for the video camera. We arrived the mall almost ten in the morning while there is an ongoing mass. Stores are still closed and according to the people in the mall, they would open after the mass.

When we arrived the Church, the ceremony hasn’t started yet; even it is past 10 A.M. already. We sat in front of the tabernacle and waited for the priest to start the ceremony. We were even scolded by the woman working in the church, because apparently we were noisy. The ceremony started 11 A.M. and ended past 12 P.M. There’s a scary angel statue in the entrance of the church. It needs a repair badly.

After the ceremony, we went to the reception at Max’s at Robinson’s Imus. After two hours of eating, chatting and picture taking, we went home and headed on a road trip. My friend and I decided to be dropped at Coastal area, because we plan to watch a movie in Glorietta 4. We decided to watch The Pursuit of Happyness starred by Will Smith. I have never expected that this movie would make me cry. The last movie that made me cry was Million Dollar Movie starred by Hilary Swank. Will Smith is really good in this movie, very far from his former movies. Good job Will Smith!

Favorite scenes from the movie? Will Smith and son sleeping on the CR while Will Smith is crying; the scene from the church where Will Smith is carrying his son while crying during a choir song; and of course the ending when Will Smith got the job all teary eyed.

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