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Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Am I surrounded with perfect people that in the end of it all, I end being the bad guy? Just this morning, a certain employee in our office called me and made a follow-up regarding their department’s requested reports. I can recall that I said that I’m not done yet. I even asked her if she wants to finish the report herself since I’m just doing it manually. I still can’t figure it out how to automate it in my report generation. I end the conversation not promising to finish it, coz I have many prioritized tasks to do.

After lunch, I was surprised to hear from a friend in the office that that employee confided to her and told her that she was offended by my reply to her this morning on the phone. I felt bad that someone has an ill feeling towards me. I was misinterpreted again for my choice of words, tone and delivery.

I really thought we were okay after our conversation. The saying, “You can’t please everyone” is quite true.

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