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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Mr. Singaporean

I arrived in the office 30 minutes early. I first checked my Gmail account and browsed this and last week’s job alerts from Jobstreet. I only applied one job posting from Singapore. Before I could start typing my blog entries from my draft, it’s already 8 A.M. I just continued doing my reports and finished the government agencies remittances export file module of the payroll system.

Before lunch, I received an email from Singapore asking me if I’m interested in their job opening for a bank in Manila. I did not reply at once and went to the HR department to attend to their queries. When I returned to my desk, I have one missed call from an unknown caller. I did not bother to think whom it was, then the same caller called again. It’s the same person who emailed me a while ago. Since I’m just steps away from my boss, I could not talk that much, and could not ask questions regarding the job to Mr. Singaporean. I am just glad that he offered to call me again by 1 P.M., and asked me to just answer his queries in his email this morning.

After the conversation, I answered his email with my current salary, expected salary, date of availability, and the best time to call me. I indicated in my email that he could call me after 5 P.M. After my reply, he sent his reply telling me that his Project Manager would call me after 5 P.M.

Afternoon, our resigned Senior Systems Analyst handed out her task list to us. I was very overwhelmed that out of 15 tasks, 11 were assigned to me. I just hope before her ten remaining working days, she would clearly transfer her knowledge to me.

Before 4 P.M., the Project Manager sent me a message through SMS. According to the Project Manger, he is in Manila. He asked me if he can call now, but I said to just call me by 5:30 P.M. By 5:15 P.M., I’m still attending to my users. I just excused myself from my user and told her that I need to go already. I immediately prepared and rushed myself to Shangri-La Mall. I looked for a quiet spot in Shangri-La Mall and just waited for the Project Manager’s call. He first texted if he can already call. The call only lasted five minutes. According to him, he would return to Manila next week to conduct a personal interview with me. I would just have to wait for his call next week for the details.

Anyway, it’s my balut day again. I bought two balut eggs from Manong balut vendor at Tambo, Parañaque. I consumed it all before watching Philippines’ Next Top Model. Until now, I still feel bloated and heavy.

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