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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Melinda Hands Down

Tonight was American Idol’s Top 12 performance. I am really impressed with Melinda Doolittle’s performance. I admit I’m not familiar with her song choice, but I really felt the song in my heart. I just hope America would vote for her until the finale.

The other front-runner of tonight’s performance is Lakisha, Kiki as Diana Ross called her. I just don’t get it why the judges liked her performance. I find it boring and she lacks charisma. The only plus she have is that she has this natural good voice. I like her first performance tough.

Jordin also had a great performance tonight, even at a young age. She definitely is a star in a making. As I have expected, Sanjaya’s performance is a total wreck or a disaster should I say. America, please do not vote for Sanjaya, I am begging! I like his hair this week tough. Haha!

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