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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I’m Not Chinese

I’m about to retire now, but before sleeping, I would tell the happenings of my day. I arrived in the office 30 minutes early again. I managed to type my draft and publish it in my blog before 8 A.M. I’m just sad that my blog viewership is reducing. I should do something about it and be popular on the cyber world. Haha! Dream on Makoy!

In my bag, I have my long sleeves and tie prepared for my scheduled interview with Mr. Singaporean after work. I would just wait for the details where I could meet him. By past 3 P.M., I received his text message with the instruction on where to meet him. I left the office by 5:15 P.M., a bit scared of the interview and nervous that I won’t be able to make it by 6:30 in Makati. I am not even familiar with the place, so I was really scared.

When I arrived in Shangri La Plaza Mall, I went to the comfort room and changed my casual office attire to my long sleeves getup. I texted Mr. Singaporean and asked on how I could recognize him coz where meeting up in a coffee shop—not the usual interview, where the applicant would just go to the company office. I rushed to the MRT Shaw Boulevard Station and saw a colleague in the office. I’m glad she did not see me.

I dropped off at Buendia Station and took a jeepney to Makati Avenue. I’m glad I saw the EPCI signage on top of the buildings and went straight to that building. While crossing the streets of Makati, I read Mr. Singaporean’s reply to just text him when I arrived in Starbucks. Starbucks is empty, such a relief! I won’t feel that uncomfortable coz no one would watch me during the interview. I went to the comfort room and wore my tie, and reviewed my resume afterwards. I texted Mr. Singaporean that I’m in Starbucks already, and he replied that they are on their way to Starbucks.

I was expecting a Filipino guy for the technical interviewer, while Mr. Singaporean to be of Indian descend because of his accent. I was surprised to meet both Indian nationals. Mr. Singaporean offered coffee, so I asked for a Mocha Frappuccino. Mr. Technical guy and I went to the couch and he started his interrogation with me, while Mr. Singaporean did the ordering of the coffee.

Most of the questions are of SQL Server and my IT background. When Mr. Singaporean sat with us, the first question he asked was if I’m Chinese. I proudly replied that I’m a Filipino. Do I look like Chinese? Hmmm…

Mr. Singaporean started asking about SQL Server, query commands and techie stuffs I am not aware of. Both of them are really nice and accommodating. I just hope Mr. Singaporean would call me with the job offer.

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