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Monday, March 12, 2007

Freako Seatmate

At the bus on my way home, I seated on the two-seater side, wishing that no one would sit beside me. It frightened me that a weird guy sat beside me. He keeps on staring me and at the same time making wacko hand gestures, like a lunatic. I was so sleepy at that time, but I make sure I’m wide-awake. I am afraid he is a snatcher or a hold-upper or some sort. That’s why I kept my eye on him as well as my bag.

I felt relieved when I stepped out the bus. When I took the FX, I was surprised to see a former college classmate. The first thing she said is that I gained weight. For some, it’s an insult, for me it’s a definite compliment. According to her, she’s now a Manager working in a Japanese company in Makati City. She told me that they are looking for Programmers, that’s why she gave her calling card to me.


fruityoaty said...

That's the one thing I WON'T miss about taking both the bus AND train to work or to meet clients. Sitting beside crazy people or... smelly people... or people who eat / drink beside you (spilling their liquids and crumbs all over you). :D

I'm so glad I'm buying a car in 2 months.

Makoy said...

good for you. take me for a ride sometime :)