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Friday, March 2, 2007

The Call That Made My Day

By mid afternoon, a certain agent named Joshua Gonzales from Executive Marketing Services called me and informed me that I have been selected to receive a free BPI MasterCard Electronic and at the same time avail free medical and dental services using their medical/dental card. By the continuous marketing talk of the agent, it looked like it would took forever.

As he continued his talk, I finally asked if I have to pay a certain amount, coz I find it too good to be true that it is totally free. Then the matter of truth—they would charge me an amount of 3,295. The agent then asked for my credit card number and its expiry date. I was weary to give my credit card information because of the obvious reason that I am not familiar with their company. The agent continued explaining and convinced me to give the information needed.

After the call, it came to me that I do not need the services the agent is offering. My present employer already provides me with that benefit, so I would just waste money. I immediately called my credit card customer service and asked if they can block the incoming transaction from Executive Marketing Services. According to them, they cannot block the transaction unless they would tag my card as lost—and that would cost an additional 400 pesos from my end. The customer service agent advised me to talk first to Executive Marketing Services and ask for the cancellation of my transaction. When I called my contact at Executive Marketing Services, they were firm that they cannot cancel my transaction for the reason that their bank already processed it. I work for a financing company and I know how transaction works. Every transaction has its reversal; even new accounts can be tagged as cancelled accounts given the grace period.

I called again my credit card and reported that Executive Marketing Services aren’t willing to cancel the transaction. My credit card company again reiterated that it is possible to cancel or reverse my transaction by creating a credit memo. I then asked the credit card agent on how I could protect myself from this transaction. According to her, when the transaction is already posted, I could report it again to them, but for the mean time, she would just note my concern in their system. They would then investigate the company if a valid transaction really occurred. I just have to refuse the cards, Executive Marketing Services would send and I should not sign any charge slip from them to protect me from paying this 3,295 amount.

I called again Executive Marketing Services and looked for the manager and relayed to them the advise of my credit card company. The manager is still firm with their stand and I ended the conversation because it is worthless talking to them. By 5 P.M., my contact person from Executive Marketing Services called me and informed me that he has been under probationary because of this incident. For all I care!

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