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Friday, March 30, 2007

Bravo Congo Grille

For lunch, Rosell treated us in Congo Grille in El Pueblo, just walking distance from our building. We first stopped to Racks and in the last minute, we decided to transfer to Congo Grille. We are running late coz we arrived in El Pueblo around 12:30 P.M, stupid West Tektite elevator!

We ordered for pork sisig, laing, sinigang na sugpo, beef kare-kare, crispy squid and pinakbet. Our drinks arrived by ten minutes before 1 P.M. We are very annoyed by their slow-paced service. When the first batch of our order arrived, I immediately start eating. Congo Grille is packed with people and it is fascinating that waiters are just less than five.

We weren’t served well even refilling our bottomless iced tea. We noticed that they prioritized the other tables coz there are foreigners and “artistas”. Rosell got frustrated and annoyed because it is supposed to be her last lunch with us.

Anyway, our three orders of pork sisig did not arrive on time. Our neighbor table did receive their sisig even when we arrived earlier than them. Rosell got very angry and wanted to cancel the three orders of pork sisig, but decided to just cancel one of the three orders. It is almost 1:30 P.M. when we received our order of sisig. I just took a spoonful of it and did not have the appetite to have more—even I have half of my rice left on my plate.

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