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Friday, March 2, 2007

Annual Physical Examination

This morning our annual physical examination was held. The first step that I took was the blood exam. The usual, for me it hurt a lot. After the hurtful finger pricking experience, I went straight to the eye examination. Last year’s exam, my vision was 20/20, I just hope it would be the same. When I sat on the chair, the lady assisted me in wearing an eyeglass-like gadget to test my eye vision. When the lady asked me to read line 7 on the chart using my right eye, I find it easy, but when I started reading line 8, I hardly see the letters. When the girl attached a lens, I just exclaimed the word, “Wow!” It is very clear compared without the added lens. Then it’s time for my left eye. My left eye faired better than my right eye. My current vision is 20/25. Sigh!

After the eye exam, it’s time for my checkup with the doctor. It started with the usual questions about my health, my family and so on. He also checked my blood pressure and pulse rate. I will not elaborate what happened after the interview, it’s a gory scene. Chest X-ray followed after all exams.

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