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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Philippine Blog Awards

Today, I was searching for blogs created by Filipinos. I plan to leave messages to the sites I like most and at the same time advertise my site. I came across this blog that has a topic of Philippine Web Awards. I was unaware that there is such thing. I clicked the link to the website and nominated my own blog to the personal category. Thank God the cutoff for nomination is until February 28.

I do not know if I have a shot on this awards, but making it on the semi-finals would be great. According to the criteria, blog content has 40% of the score; meaning non-sense writing could pull your scores down. The remaining criteria are as following: 10% for Design, 15% for Appeal and Context, 15% for Consistency and 20% for Mileage.

After nominating my own blog and seeing the criteria, I browsed the initial list of nominees. It made me feel insecure seeing their blog containing nice design layout and context.

1 comment:

khalel said...

Dont be insecure man.. I Promise One Day when I am free, will help you do some layout thingy. But I like the things you write here. Cheers!