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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Peace To Cough

I have been coughing for two days now. It is hurting my throat and chest so bad. I have to skip drinking coffee to prevent my coughing spell. I do not want to take medicine coz I believe water therapy can cure my struggle with this cough.

When I arrived home, I was overwhelmed seeing a brown envelope on my room containing endorsement forms left by my sister. My sister had asked me days ago, to apply for a credit card, which is needed for her promotion and appraisal rating. I just asked her to leave me forms, which I will distribute to my friends and colleagues. I did not expect that she would leave me with more than ten forms.

Anyway, Chris just finished his performance on American Idol. I find Sanjaya’s performance weird. Is he gay or just a weakling? He is like the Indian version of Michael Jackson. I just do not understand why he chose to perform that song when it does not cater to his vocal talents.

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