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Monday, February 26, 2007

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Yesterday lunch, I went to my friend’s house again to hang out and watch a movie. I was the first one to arrive and we just waited for the two girls to arrive. It was almost 1P.M. so I was really starving. We are expecting that the host would cook food for us, but we have no option but to buy food outside.

We bought pork and chicken barbeque, rice, unripe mango with bagoong dip, soda and junk foods. When we arrived back to my friend’s place, the girls are then assigned to prepare the food. Right after eating, the girls had coffee, the host washed the dishes and I was there to support them. Haha.

We were picking for a movie to watch. I like to watch Grudge 2 or Monster House while they were undecided of what to watch. Anyway, we ended watching My Big Fat Greek Wedding. A comedy love story about a not so pretty Greek woman finding love and herself outside her Greek heritage. A very fun and romantic movie to watch. I could still remember how loud our laughs yesterday

The most memorable part of the movie is during the wedding ceremony. It is a part of Greek tradition or superstitions to spit to people to scare away bad spirits. While the bride is walking on the isle, people from the Greek side are spitting. So you could hear a “Tsu tsu tsu” sound until the bride reached the altar.

After the movie, we decided to buy snacks for ourselves. Since lunch, the boys are assigned to buy food, the girls are now assigned to buy and cook food for us. The girls would be cooking omelet partnered with pandesal bread. While they were cooking, we waited for the appearance of the controversial other woman of James Yap. I just find the woman silly appearing on TV and telling her story. What is she thinking and what is her real intention? Silly Hope and pitiful Kris.

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