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Monday, February 19, 2007

Kung Hei Fat Choi

Sunday afternoon, I met with a friend to have a Chinese New Year’s lunch at his Chinese friend’s house. It would be the first I would meet her and her family. For lunch, we had Kare-Kare, menudo, pansit bihon, various chopped unripe mangoes, turnip, ube, boiled banana and cucumber served in a large bilao.

It was a fun lunch with lots of talking and fun moments. After lunch, we took some pictures. I would be posting those pictures as soon as I get it. Anyway, after taking some pictures, we went online to check www.myheritage.com. According to them, it provides celebrity matches based on your pictures. Hi-tech, face recognition! You have to create first an account before gaining access to this website.

After our visit to the Lao residence, we went straight to my friend’s house. We watched the movie Nanny McPhee. The child in me appreciated the movie a lot. Hehe.

Happy Chinese New Year guys!!!

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